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As explained on our homepage, Online Marketing Domination, LLC works with established websites and we will also build you a brand new business website if needed. We make sure that your website shows in the top of the search engines any time that someone searches for your business related keywords.

For example if you are a dentist, if someone typed in “dentists in delaware” – we would make sure your website, whether it be a new or old website, shows at the top of the search engine results for those and other related keywords.


Fees really vary from customer to customer depending on a large number of different factors. The best way to determine the fees are to sit down and determine exactly what you need and exactly what you are looking for.

I generally do market research to determine the following:

  • Which keywords would bring you the most customers
  • How many searches your business related keywords are getting per month
  • How much each customer is worth to you
  • How competitive it currently is for your business related keywords & how hard it would be to rank in the top of the search engines
  • How much your business related keywords are worth in the Pay Per Click networks
  • Various other small factors


As mentioned previously, Online Marketing Domination generally does two things. We will build you a website if you do not currently have one, or if you would like a new one. And we will get that website to the top of the search engines for your business related keywords through search engine optimization, whether it’s an old or a new website.

After we have a consultation or meeting we will also do extensive market research to determine which keywords will get you the most business and how competitive those keywords will be.

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